Posted on July 5, 2021 ¡Saludos desde la Escuela de Español Roca Blanca – Oaxaca, México!
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Beloved Friends and Ministry Partners,

Greetings in the sweetest name of our Lord, Jesus Christ from the beautiful country of Mexico!

You read that right, greetings from Mexico.  I left Montana Friday, June 18th.  I survived my first week of language school.  Glory to God!

I meant to write before my departure. Unfortunately, it was a very busy two months before I left.  I was supposed to leave in mid-April, but I’m sure, some of you have heard and were praying, my mom had a heart attack, and my dad had a surgery before I left for Mexico.  God moved mightily and is faithfully.  My parents were in the road to recovery upon my departure; overall, they were doing well and I was able to start the session for my class that started Monday, June 21st.   We do serve an amazing God who heals and hear our prayers.

I arrived in Mexico City and stayed there for one night; I took a domestic flight the next day for Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.  The language school is located in a small fishing village of El Cacalote, in the State of Oaxaca, about 40 to 45 minutes’ drive West of Puerto Escondido.  I am renting a small apartment not too far from the school.  I walk to school and everywhere in the village.  God knows my heart!  My apartment is walking distance to the beach which is behind the school.  It is a beautiful place, and the people are very kind.  The downside of Cacalote is there is no cellular tower.  Yep!  You read that right.  If you cannot leave home without your cell phone, you can’t live in Cacalote!  Haha.  So, you can choose which one is more important, living next to the beach or having a cell reception.  The school has wired internet and the family I am renting the apartment from has internet.  When I’m home or in school, I am able to connect to wifi.  Unfortunately, the internet speed is very slow.  The wireless router I’m connecting to is not in the same building, it’s actually next door.  As I write this, it’s been 48 hours now that we have not had internet reception even in the school.  We had an earthquake last Tuesday morning which only lasted for a few seconds.  Everyone was ok.  Then, since yesterday, it has been raining.  I am not sure why there is no internet connection, maybe because of the storm.

Each day we start the day with worship and devotion.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, we focus on Phonetics, Grammars, Vocabulary, and Lab/Communication; On Tuesday and Thursday, we focus on Verbs, Grammars, Review/Repetitions, and Lab/Translations.  We have homework daily.  It is a very intensive program.  Adalia, my Area Director, said to me several times when I was in school for the MTS Program (Master’s in Theological Studies in Latino/as Ministries), “I want you to have a headache.”  Haha.  Her reason for saying that was if I am getting a headache, that means, I am learning.   This Spanish Language Program is so intensive, YES, I am experiencing some headaches!   It is overwhelming.  But I am enjoying it.  I have only been in class for four days, but I can’t wait to finish so I begin to serve God in Mexicali through the Baja Baptist Seminary and its community.

Since I arrived in Mexico, I have been overwhelmed with God’s presence.  From the time I left Montana, I have sensed that God is with me.  First, knowing that my parents are on the road to recovery, He has given me peace and comfort. I am assured He will be with them and will completely heal them as I step out and follow His call.  I talked to my mom and dad last night, they are doing well.  Second, as I checked in for my flight, the airlines gave me a complimentary upgrade to First Class from Montana to Mexico.  Isn’t God amazing!  Since I arrived in Mexico, I never had to lift my super-heavy luggage.  Throughout my trip, people were kind and helpful.  When I arrived here in Cacalote, my neighbor across the street called her two sons to take my luggage from the vehicle to my apartment.  On my daily walk to school, I get to experience the warmth and friendliness of the people in the village.  I feel blessed!  God is good!!!

Your prayers are bringing God’s goodness on this wonderful adventure.  Thank you!  Please continue praying for me and my ministry as I pray for you.

  • Please pray for the MTS (Masters in Theological Studies) Program’s professors and students.
  • Please pray for Mexico and our ministry partners.
  • Please pray for IM staff and Missionaries.
  • Please pray for my parents  for health and protections.
  • Please pray for my MPT (Ministry Partnership Team).
  • Please pray for my study and health.  Also, that I may minister and bring blessings to the school community and my neighbors.
  • Please pray for the teachers and students at Roca Blanca Spanish School and their ministry to the Oaxacan people.
  • Praising God for my parents’ healing and the capability to communicate with them.
  • Praising God for His favors, provisions, protections, and safe travels from the US to Mexico.
  • Praising God for your partnership in the Gospel and for believing in God’s calling in my life.
  • Praising God for the privilege to serve Him and His faithfulness in my life.

More update later.  Hopefully, we will get internet connection back soon so I can send this out.  Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  I could not be here without your prayers and sacrificial giving.  I truly appreciate your partnership in the ministry.  Thank you for sending me.  May God bless you abundantly!

Glory be to God and peace to all of you.


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