Posted on October 15, 2013 Greetings from East Livingston Baptist Church

I had the privilege and pleasure of fellowshipping last week with members of East Livingston Baptist Church in Reynoldsburg, Ohio!

I bring greetings from Dave and Ellen Brown, Pastor George and Mrs. Linda Winters, and ABC/Ohio Executive Minister Larry (Lawrence) and Mrs. Linda Swain. In the first photo attached, the Winters are to my right; Ellen and Dave are to my immediate left (For those who may not know them; Ellen and Dave are former IM missionary and staff colleagues.); and Linda and Larry Swain are to the left of Dave Brown.

East Livingston Baptist Church has a mixed congregation, with some members from Liberia and Haiti! I had a wonderful time fellowshipping with members of the church; and I trust that the church’s ties to International Ministries and ABC/USA were strengthened as a result of my visit. We will be watching to see what fruit is borne!