Posted on August 9, 2016 Great Friendships
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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I recently read a blog entitled, “Three Keys to Great Friendships.” The timing of this article coincided with our travels around the States and Puerto Rico visiting ABC churches. While I was reading about how poor a substitute social media is for real-live contact and interaction with others, I was thankful that I had the chance to visit in person with old friends as well as new ones. Quoting Mother Teresa, the writer reminds us, “I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.” One of the “keys to great friendships” is valuing partnerships. Without you, we cannot complete the ministry to which God has called us. Some of you saw pictures and heard the stories of Nicaragua. How God has raised up three flourishing communities of faith, which are now being led by Nicaraguan leadership. Thanks to your friendships, prayers, and support, you have been a part of this kingdom building.

We had 16 amazing years in Nicaragua, but the time came when we and International Ministries knew that God was stretching us forward. So, we have made the transition to La Romana, Dominican Republic to do the same kind of community building that we did in Nicaragua. We will also be traveling to Cuba, intermittently, to come alongside the growing church there. One of our visions is to travel to Cuba with a group of young leaders from La Romana. God is doing an incredible work there.

To close, I would like you to imagine a spider spinning a web. As she scampers from point to point, her silk thread follows, connecting each thread and ultimately constructing a breathtaking piece of art. In a similar way, a thread of friendship follows us from Nicaragua to the all over the United States, and finally the Dominican Republic and Cuba. We are all connected in this partnership of building God’s kingdom here on earth. Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Please continue to pray and support us.

Stretching forward to what is ahead,

Vital and Ketly Pierre

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