Posted on April 5, 2023 Going to Haiti update #5
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. The week we spent in Haiti was a real blessing but also a test of character. The campus was almost deserted of its population. We were the only one professor on the campus. Water and electricity have become like gold. To think that we lived here on this beautiful campus when water was flowing freely, and we knew when the light was coming on and off was really very depressing for us.

Kihomi had to use her motherly know how to cook food. She spent countless hours under the hot sun cooking some of what can be called food. However, we survived the whole week taking our support and our comfort in people rather than in what we were missing.

Thank you for keeping us in your love and in your prayers.




Dear Supporters,

Just another data point on how bad conditions are in Haiti currently.  Many good people caught in a desperate situation for security, food availability and poor outlook for the future.  Keep Praying that God will intervene and send a Moses to this land.


Dennis Shewell and the MPT Team