Posted on April 5, 2023 Going to Haiti update #4
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting.  The week we spent in Haiti was a blessed one. Kihomi was busy having meeting after meeting with different groups of women.

When she had an opening, she was visiting some who are sick and shuts-in and praying with them.

Mrs. Ernert was one of the people Kihomi visited in 2022 when we went to Haiti. That’s on the first photo. She was mourning the loss of her daughter, our former theological student, a pastor of  a church and mother of two children. The young pastor died of high blood pressure.

Mrs. Ernest also struggles with Knee pain due to severe arthritis. Kihomi thought of her misery while in the US. She brought her some knee supports that have helped her stand on her feet again.

The week we were going, Mrs. Ernest was sweeping in front of their church when she stepped on a small rock and fell on her arm and badly tore some muscles and some nerves.  As you can imagine, Kihomi’s assistance and prayer were appreciated by Mrs. Ernest and her husband.

Thank you for your support that is being extended to bless the helpless of our society.

Yours in DR

Nzunga & Kihomi


Dear supporters,

This journal illustrates the situation in Haiti well.  The availability of good medical care is poor and the ability to afford it, if you can find it.  The violence that has driven Nzunga and Kihomi out of the country means they lost another resource for care and caring.  At our advanced age my wife and I have had our medical challenges.  We have a primary doctor, a orthopedic doctor, a urology doctor, a oncology doctor, a dermatologist, a hematologist, plus of course a dentist and eye doctor.  We have good insurance to cover most of the cost.  Contrast that to Haiti where some may only have a Voodoo priest.   We all complain about the medical situation here but in truth we are well off.

I know Nzunga and Kihomi feel helpless not to be back where they spent 25 year touching the lives of so many people.  The statement that “Kihomi met with many groups of women” reminds me of scripture when it said Jesus tarried at a place and cured many diseases”.    They represent hope that is very hard to find in Haiti currently.

Please pray that the difficulties in Haiti will be resolved soon.

Because He loved us,

Dennis Shewell and the MPT Team