Posted on April 5, 2023 Going to Haiti update #1
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greetings. We are back in Dominican Republic safe and sound as we went but tired. We left our house on Tuesday March 21 early that morning. We arrived at the boarders and  crossed over to the Haitian side with no incident at all thanks to the old contact we have there.

Since it was still before noon we said that we were going to have brunch before we get home. We have dreamt of the Haitian rice and beans and fried chicken. We passed town after town, village after village with no sign of a place where to  eat. We got to Cap-Haitian and stopped at the eye clinic. We were very happy to see that the eye clinic is still clean and helping our people.

We left for our home in Limbe. At the last food stop, Kihomi bought a mackerel sardine since there was no cooked rice and beans. The whole road we did not see any vegetable or fruit being sold beside bags of charcoal and soda drinks. Only in one town we saw a lady selling two papayas and we bought one for our breakfast on Wednesday.

We got home where we lived an unique experience. We had no light, no water. It was hot and humid. At the university campus with students and no out side toilettes, you  can imagine…

A special thanks to the ABW for their support. Without  their lamp and batteries we would have been in dark our first night in Limbe.

God’s grace was enough and sufficient to see us all night through.

Yours in DR.

Nzunga & Kihomi

(More on this trip to follow)