Posted on March 6, 2021 God’s mission — with a twist!

Our home church here in Aotearoa New Zealand just presented Ann with this beautiful pounamu pikorua (jade twist). It is a traditional Māori design that symbolises how our lives are interconnected, and how important it is to be good and loyal friends. The pikorua is a wonderful symbol of the relationships we have with people who know and love Jesus all around the world. Before the pandemic, leaders of Baptist conventions and churches would invite us to lead training on topics such as how to help kids get to know Jesus, how to start a business that will empower survivors of human trafficking, or how to be a leader like Jesus. So how can we continue to be part of God’s mission if we can’t meet together in person? As good and loyal friends, we are learning to think outside the box and find new ways to connect with one another.

Here are some of the recent ways we have come alongside these partners.

God truly is the master jade carver who brings us together in new and unexpected ways to cooperate in God’s mission! As the pounamu pikorua reminds us, we are all connected and support one another.

It is good to be on this journey with you, confident of your love, encouragement, and support.

Ann and Bruce

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