Posted on May 8, 2019 God smiles in Vanga
Anabell Quast arrived in Vanga mid April, as an extended short-term volunteer. Anabell went with an open heart, ears to be God’s instrument with children.  Her primary tasks are educational, but in light of her generous servant’s heart, she finds herself helping in many capacities. Here are Anabell’s first impressions on God’s assignment for her:
“God smiles when I see the children around the hospital. When they follow me to shake my hand: those moments
are precious to me and I feel God’s love upon me.
God smiles when I go visit the tenants in the rental units, when I talk to them in my broken French and take the opportunity to sit.
God smiles when I am on the floor to converse and hear patients’ sorrows. Life does not get better than that!!!
My daily routine thus far is ensuring the hospital rooms have adequate water jugs filled with water( hand wash stations).

Monday, Thursday and Friday from 2-4 I get to teach/interact with the Doctors’ children. Life does not get better than that!!

The list of other projects to attend to is long and I tackle them based on Priority.

My life is so amazing I give THANKS to our creator Jéhovah. I thank God for this amazing opportunity.”