Posted on November 5, 2021 God Provides For All Our Needs
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What a whirlwind this year has been for us. There is so much to share and update.

First, we moved to Mexico at the end of January and started our second missionary foreign assignment. Then, we worked with our partners, remodeled the office, and established our home base in Mexico. Then came a wrench in the gears. Sarah started to have severe migraines weekly as we were getting ready to come back to the USA (beginning of May) for the summer to renew her passport and allow the kids to work.

In June, Peter returned to Mexico to continue building relationships. He also did some much needed in person work responsibilities. During that time, he spent a week in Ecuador teaching the second-year residency with Mercy Gonzalez Barnes and Mayra Picos Lee. It was a powerful week with the students.

During the week, the female students (about half of the cohort) started sharing their struggles and hurts around their calling to ministry and missions. We asked the male students to listen with an open heart and mind to the female students as they vulnerably shared. After the male students listened to their classmates, they began to show emotion, and they shed tears. It was a beautiful moment. God was moving, working, and healing was taking place within the students.

Last month, Peter completed a week-long trip to the Dominican Republic to teach another second-year residency. Join us in prayer for this second year cohort that they would experience lasting impact  on their lives and spiritual journeys from that time of learning together.

Peter connected with the leader caring for the Baptist widows in Mexico City and gave them the support many of you sent. They continue to help, provide counseling, and walk alongside the widows in their grief. It is a powerful ministry by women to women. God is providing what these widows need in the midst of a very difficult time. Peter is supporting on the outside and not directly involved because of how the ministry is developing.

In July, Peter returned with the necessary paperwork to get our visas and to be able to return to Mexico in August with VISAS. However, Sarah was still having severe migraines three to five days a week. We are thankful for God’s provision of an excellent Upper Cervical Spine Chiropractor who is making very gentle adjustments to help one of the causes of the migraines and to alleviate a lot of the neck pain she was also experiencing. We learned that this treatment would need a good six months for Sarah’s body to learn to maintain a healthier alignment. The Cleveland Clinic is also providing neurological support and botox treatment. And Sarah started physical therapy the other week and is finally having success in strengthening the muscular imbalances that have resulted from the years of misalignment of her neck. We praise God that these treatments are working and for the medical care team He has provided for Sarah.

Sarah and the kids have continued to be in the USA since May and will through the beginning of January. Peter has been traveling back and forth between PA and Mexico as necessary for in person work, about every six weeks for three weeks at a time. This location adjustment has also allowed Samuel and Elianna to attend school in person and for all three kids to participate in sports activities. Which has been something they have dearly missed doing this past spring. This is also allowing Sarah to finish homeschooling Nathaniel (it’s his senior year) and for him to graduate by December!

Peter returned to Mexico in August to meet new teammates from Switzerland who will be working with the Baptist Seminary of Mexico. This trip started with Peter flying into Mexico the same day Hurricane Grace was pounding the Sierra Norte of Puebla. Part of the Baptist Seminary’s mission is to give education to the poor and marginalized. There are three churches in that area that the seminary provides GED education and initial ministry training.

Hurricane Grace damaged these churches and their homes. The families in this community lost their roofs, clothes and ruined their bedding. A church in PA, immediately sent money to buy 150 blankets to help the affected families. Keith and Debbie Myers and the Baptist Seminary gave food baskets and bought roofing supplies to help cover the church and the houses that lost their roofs. God provided abundantly to help those affected by Hurricane Grace in the Sierra Norte of Puebla in Mexico.

A van full of warm blankets ready to be distributed to many families in need of dry and warm blankets.

Peter giving a bag of grocery staples to a family.

Roofing materials to be used to put new roofs on the church and many homes.

The church’s roof was blown off and destroyed by the strong winds of Hurricane Grace.

Putting the new roof on the church.

Praise the Lord! The church has a roof on it.

Peter returned to the USA at the beginning of September and since then has been teaching three students from the Dominican Republic who are finishing their Master’s degree thesis. We have had multiple car issues amid all of this. Peter and his dad have done many repairs, including replacing a fuel pump (just one of the many repairs). We are very thankful for their ability to do these simple and complex car repairs. Again, God provided!

October 10th Peter returned to Mexico to work with the seminary on strategically moving forward with the bachelor degree program in a hybrid online and presential format. He went to the Dominican Republic for a second-year residency and returned to the USA at the end of October.

Thank you for giving to the ministry that God has called us to and for impacting God’s Kingdom by journeying with us in the ministry we are doing with the Baptist Seminary, seminary students and children’s holistic ministries in health and education. To give a NEW gift or INCREASE your current monthly gift, click on either picture of Peter and Sarah. Then, click the ‘GIVE GLOBAL SERVANT SUPPORT’ button to the right of our family picture. God provides!

We are sorry if you have tried connecting with us, and we haven’t responded quickly. We have been overwhelmed with ministry, travel, and health. To Ohio and West Virginia, we are saddened that we were not able make it to the Annual Meetings this year because of the above-mentioned ministry responsibilities. Also, if you would like to help us with future emergencies, please donate to IM but label it McCurdy – Unspecified Specifics. It will help us with responding to needs around COVID and other natural disasters that come along.

We pray God’s abundant blessings upon you and your family.

Love in Christ,

Sarah & Peter McCurdy                                                                                                            IM Global Servants to Mexico