Posted on August 18, 2017 Go, Be, Love in Honduras by Caron Cramer

Twelve of God’s servants from DC, NY and PA were part of a special Discovery Trip earlier this summer, to support the ministry Dilia Zelaya is co-facilitating in Honduras. There were six teenagers and six adults being led by Dr. Cynthia Falk from the Baptist Church of West Chester(PA) to be the hands and feet of Christ in Azacualpa for nine days.  A local house had been identified to be the main construction project for the group. They dug trenches, carried rocks, poured cement to make the small house more accessible for its owner, Hilda. The group delivered groceries to local families, served children at the lunch program, co-facilitated VBS sessions and led impromptu games of soccer. The team was housed at the Children’s Home where they experienced the challenges of interrupted electricity and flat tire. The many interruptions did not distract them from fulfilling God’s purpose. During a day trip into the mountains to see more of the countryside, stand at the border with Guatemala, the group was able to witness some of the problems that plague today’s world, including what to do with all the waste being produced. This side trip took them by the dump, a hillside strewn with trash.

Here are Caron Cramer’s reflections about the summer trip:

“Go, Be, Love” summarizes what God put on my heart to carry back to “my world” in the United States. I have to say that God was preparing me to hear this message before I went to Honduras.  Our pastor preached on the subject and I read, Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity by Jen Hatmaker which speaks to this very subject. While spending 9 days in Honduras, I had the privilege of witnessing and participating in that way of living.  Dilia is an amazing mentor, friend, and servant of our Lord.  She lives the gospel of Jesus at the mission site, in the community, and spreads it with love worldwide.  I was one of many who were touched and hope to continue to spread Jesus’ message to our community in Pennsylvania and beyond.  My family and I helped rebuild a woman’s home. We worked with kids at schools and with their feeding program, shared God’s word, prayed, and delivered food and supplies to the community in the mountain. We loved all whom we met. I opened my arms. and heart to LOVE. I grew up in the church and have been a born again Christian since age 9. Things around me changed, and I wasn’t changing the way I should. I was willing to sit in the pews and let people come to worship; come to Jesus.  Since my trip to Honduras, I realize that I need to show the Jesus in me. It’s time for me to get out of my comfortable pew and be Jesus’ helper.  To Go, Be and Love.

Nine days spent in Honduras, a new country for many; yet a familiar path for their compassionate hands and hearts. They met love and were transformed. They lived Matthew 25:35. (A short video made by Aryn Myers, a team member from DC)