Posted on February 24, 2018 Go Away, Winter!
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Go Away, Winter! Come On, Spring!!

Even in sunny Téglás, you can get the winter blues. But hopeful missionaries pray and watch God’s kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!

In mid-February our school hosts its charity ball, and students, parents and teachers prepare dance routines. The costumes and decorations are fun and different every year, and the community comes out to support the school. I really enjoy dancing with the teacher’s group, learning the steps and getting to know teachers I normally don’t work with—because they don’t speak English. It’s a fun and interesting challenge to follow along as best I can with my baby Hungarian.

Becky and the teachers’ group at the charity ball

Then comes Farsang. Farsang is a traditional Hungarian festival to scare away winter. Kids dress in costumes, scary or beautiful, and schools have parties with games, dancing and food, especially fánk—homemade donuts with apricot jam in the center. In Ruth’s class, they opened the door and windows and screamed at the top of their lungs! Go away winter!

Larry enjoyed pointing out that next week’s forecast shows highs *below* freezing every day!

Your Larry fights winter in a more practical way: giving firewood.

Larry joined pastor Zoltán Nyúl in delivering loads of firewood to families in need in the community of Paçer in northern Serbia. Larry cut down trees in several yards, helping people clean up their yards and provide their own wood. Then he and Zoltán arranged for the purchase and delivery of more. Zoltán shared this message:

“When I am asked to write about what our friend, brother Larry, means with his firewood support… I wonder what would happen to those who struggle from day to day, week after week, to have bread on the table, to pay for medicine and fuel. Elderly, sick, helpless, lonely. Cancer patients, they can barely move, their pension is amazingly small, not enough for life, not enough for death. There is a disability in the family, cardiopulmonary, whose costs carry all the reserves. There is no fire in November, December, and there are still three to four months until spring. More families, no electricity, no bathroom, little hope. Every firewood consignment is about hope, love, concern, that God does not leave, trust. It is a great blessing to the families we join. God bless our supporters, prayers, a great testimony of Christ.”

Larry and Zoltán estimated that they have given over 100 loads of firewood since the winter of 2015, $5,000 worth. This doesn’t include what he’s cut with a chainsaw.

We are so grateful for your support that makes this giving possible! We are blessed to serve God here in Hungary, and it’s an honor to be an extension of your love for Jesus.