Posted on October 26, 2021 Global Servant Tim Long shares about MTS Latino/a Program
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“It’s residency week in the Dominican Republic for our Masters in Theological Studies students from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  What a nice break on Wednesday evening when the first DR cohort joined us for their graduation celebration.  It is a special group of 13 graduates, the first of our cohorts to date, to have a majority of women, and the first in which every student who started also finished.

What a special evening!  Enjoy some of the pictures.  The heavens even accompanied us with wind, rain; and a special thunder clap and momentary ‘black out’ just as we finished handing out the diplomas and I announced the proclamation of graduation.”

And about Pablo A. Villarroel, a former MTS student who graduated in Mexicali, Mexico, from Ecuador, and the way the MTS is shaping his ministry.  Bruce Borquist was invited to speak at the Armed Force University in Quito (see pictures, too)

“These are exciting days for one of our recent Masters in Theological Studies graduates from Ecuador.

Pablo Antonio, a professor at the Armed Forces University in Quito has been instrumental in the planning and execution of the University’s first International Encounter on Social Awareness and Innovation, which is happening at this time.

Over two years ago Pablo wrote the following in his essay for admission to Palmer Seminary’s Spanish Master’s Program (my translation):

“This postgraduate study will add a wholistic formation to my engineering degrees, a perspective that I hope to share on a daily basis in the classroom and the laboratory with University youth, thus enriching their own academic formation through ethical, spiritual, and human considerations.  These youth will, in turn, generate a more dignified work ethic and a more just distribution of wealth as they take into consideration the socially and economically excluded in our society.”

Pablo is seeing his dream come to fruition.  Not wanting to wait longer until a group could be formed in Ecuador, Pablo enrolled with the second Mexicali cohort and started classes in March of 2019.  He even made two trips from Quito to Mexicali so he could join the required residencies.

During the course of his studies, Pablo ministered through Bible studies with small groups at the University.  He also was determined to be a catalyst for social outreach and change as he joined forces with others for this first Encounter, sponsored by the University.  He is rightfully proud of what is happening, events that have reached a total of 42 Quito barrios to date, and a host of online conferences that include pastors, church leaders, and Palmer Seminary colleagues and professors.  He credits his studies at Palmer and the prayers of his cohort colleagues for a new day at the Armed Forces University.”

Below are photos from this graduation celebration

Peter McCurdy

JD Reed

Mercy Gonzalez Barnes

Ketly Pierre

Madeline Flores