Global Encounter Prayer Guide

Join us in prayer using the prayer guide below. We invite you to be praying before, during and after the Global Encounter. Pray for the global servants and their ministries all over the world as we respond together for good, forging connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

Explore our Global Encounter Resources for more information on how to enhance your experience during the event.


Day 1
Alemla Ao & Lanutemjen Jamir | India
Pray for the unreached Banjara Tribe in rural areas and in slums.

Day 2
Melanie Baggao | Lebanon
Pray for our witness among the migrant workers in prison and detention centers in Lebanon.

Day 3
Mylinda Baits | Global
Pray for the leaders in Cuba, that their expressive arts ministries will flourish.

Day 4
Lauren Bethell | Global
Pray that ministries with trafficked women have the resources they need to be beacons of God’s light and love.

Day 5
Barb & Dwight Bolick | Regional
Pray for God’s opening “great doors for effective service,” (1 Cor. 16:9) in the expansion of the Girls’ Clubs and Rainwater Harvesting projects.

Day 6
Carlos Bonilla & Mayra Giovanetti | Regional
Pray for new and maturing disciples in Spain, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, and countries in Iberoamerica and the Caribbean.

Day 7
Deliris Carrión & Moise Joseph | Mexico
Pray that our Migrants Project of building a Shelter and a Community Center become a reality.

Day 8
Dan & Sarah Chetti | Lebanon
Pray for our work among the migrant domestic workers who come from 22 countries in Asia and Africa.

Day 9
Ann & Bill Clemmer | Regional
Pray for God to bring peace to eastern Congo which continues to face significant insecurity.

Day 10
Scott & Tan Coats | Thailand
Pray for peace and for the love of Christ to become real and present for those dealing with the trauma of war and uncertainty in Myanmar (Burma).

Day 11
Hermelinda & Jorge Damasceno | United Kingdom
Pray for unity amongst the different ethnic groups we serve in the UK.

Day 12
Annie & Jeff Dieselberg | Thailand
Pray for the disruption of a large trafficking ring exploiting African women.

Day 13
Kristy Engel | Global
Pray for my continued safety and health as I travel internationally.

Day 14
Walla Febres | Colombia
Pray for more passion, wisdom, grace, and love to continue fulfilling God’s calling among the churches planted in Bogotá and the ethnic groups in Colombia.

Day 15
Laura & Rich Freeman | Turkey
Pray for wisdom as we partner with a growing number of pastors and Christian leaders in refugee/disaster relief and ministry.

Day 16
Mercy González-Barnes | Regional
Pray for me as I share my passion for ministry with local churches in the Caribbean and Iberoameria.

Day 17
Amanda & Jon Good | Hungary
Pray for the people of Debrecen to be drawn out of darkness and into the light of Christ.

Day 18
Anita & Rick Gutierrez | South Africa
Pray for that our Health Builders students will continue to work with their new skills and study the Bible deeply with friends and family.

Day 19
Sue Hegarty | Costa Rica
Pray that committed women would rise up every year to begin new Talita Cumi Girls’ Clubs in Costa Rica.

Day 20
Joe Hoefle & Trish Magal | Thailand
Pray for safety, food, shelter for the growing numbers of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Myanmar.

Day 21
Gordon & Lee Ann Hwang | Japan
Ask God to give Japanese Christians the courage to share their faith with their family, friends, and people they meet.

Day 22
Carmella Jones | Regional
Pray for the young nurses at the Ricks Institute in Liberia.

Day 23
Alise & Mark Juanes | Thailand
Pray for the children who do not have safe families to go to.

Day 24
Eliberto & Molly Juarez | El Salvador
Pray that the people of El Salvador would come together to pursue peace, ending the political and social violence that is causing much suffering in this country.

Day 25
Nora & Pieter Kalkman | Regional
Pray for a good start for new local ministries in Amsterdam.

Day 26
Boaz Keibarak | Kenya
Pray for funding for on-going inter-tribal evangelism and conflict-resolution campaigns in Kenya and beyond.

Day 27
Christy Lafferty | Nicaragua
Pray for Nicaraguan families who must overcome incredible barriers to receive even the most basic health care.

Day 28
Eric & Yuree Lembke | Thailand
Pray for our educators at the Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Bible School in the Mae La refugee camp.

Day 29
Patti & Tim Long | Mexico
Pray for the Didaqué School and the Mexican teachers who have now been educated and trained in special education.

Day 30
Katie & Taku | Regional
Pray for the churches in India to mentor and support entrepreneurs in unreached communities with no-interest loans.

Day 31
Nzunga Mabudiga & Kihomi Ngwemi | Dominican Republic
Pray for the Haitian families who don’t fit in the DR’s Spanish-speaking churches.

Day 32
Becky & Mike Mann | Global
Pray for the safety of the Integrated Tribal Development Foundation’s staff as they travel to remote villages in Thailand.

Day 33
Lori & Matt Mann | Laos
Pray that God will raise up godly leaders from the children involved in the HOPE Center.

Day 34
Luis & Sara Matos | Mexico
Pray for us to learn the culture and language as we build relationships with our ministry partners.


Day 35
Ricardo Mayol Bracero | Regional
Ask the Lord that the vitality of the youth committed to the defense of creation will rejuvenate the Christian Ecumenical Council of Guatemala.

Day 36
Sarah McCloy | Japan
Pray that God will give me the ability to learn and speak Japanese fluently.

Day 37
Sarah McCurdy | Regional
Pray for the literacy training seminar I’m developing to empower and enrich the dedicated teachers in Nicaragua.

Day 38
Christina & Lance Muteyo | Zimbabwe
Pray for peace in Zimbabwe, especially for the trainers of peacebuilding to have the heart of Christ.

Day 39
Debbie & Keith Myers | Mexico
Pray for our local churches to identify, train, and equip missionaries to go to other Mexican indigenous communities.

Day 40
Jonathan & Thelma Nambu | Philippines
Pray that we may discern among various new opportunities for Samaritana’s ministry in the Philippines.

Day 41
Katherine & Wayne Niles | Congo
Pray for the Congolese doctors and their teams as they strive to provide excellent care to rural and poor patients.

Day 42
Aaron & Valerie Osterbrock | Malaysia
Pray that God will build His kingdom in Malaysia & SE Asia despite government and cultural obstacles.

Day 43
David Parajón | Nicaragua
Pray that Nicaraguan children will not die from preventable causes but live to fulfill their God-given potential.

Day 44
Ketly & Vital Pierre | Dominican Republic
Pray for resources to support the chaplaincy program, food pantry, and other needs in the Community Center.

Day 45
Rodney Ragwan | Global
Pray for a lecture series on contextual theology to be held in South Africa.

Day 46
David & Joyce Reed | Global
Pray for all the global servants to practice Sabbath rest so they remain grounded and renewed in Christ.

Day 47
J.D. & Rhonda Reed | Global
Pray for the ministry of the Fundación Proyecto de Esperanza (House of Hope) and their work in Cochabamba, Bolivia and the provinces around the city.

Day 48
Kathy & Tim Rice | Congo
Pray for co-laborers equipped to train doctors, early childhood education teachers, financial administration and project management.

Day 49
Stacy & Tim Reese | Dominican Republic
Pray for God’s Spirit of peace and reconciliation to rest on the island of Hispanola (Haiti & the DR) so people can experience Jesus and his truth.

Day 50
Kit Ripley | Thailand
Pray for inner healing for survivors of trauma who participate in mental health counseling and my art therapy program.

Day 51
Paul Rollet | Philippines
Pray for our new church planting effort north of Manila in the second-largest red-light district in the Philippines.

Day 52
David Sagar | India
Pray for unity among the Telugu Baptist pastors, church leaders, and their congregations.

Day 53
Ray Schellinger | Global
Pray for the thousands of asylum seekers who have experienced tremendous loss and face significant danger as they migrate north.

Day 54
Brian & Lynette Smith | Dominican Republic
Pray that the holistic needs of spirit, body and mind be met in empowering ways as we speak love, preserve dignity, and create unity as a body of Christ.

Day 55
Corenne & Philip Smith | Brazil
Pray for the physical and emotional safety of the street children in our care, to be able to receive and give back love.

Day 56
Becky & Larry Stanton | Hungary
Pray for us as we share the Gospel – Larry as he ministers among the refugees in Serbia, and Becky as she teaches English in the schools in Hungary.

Day 57
Jae Stockton | Mexico
Pray for those who don’t know Christ in Mexicali as we share the Gospel in the community.

Day 58
Shigemi Tomita | Japan
Pray for the students at Kanto Gakuin University who have never read the Bible and may be hearing about Christ for the first time.

Day 59
Aaron & AmyEstelle Trout | Philippines
Pray for wisdom and tender hearts as we build relationships with those seeking hope and peace in our town.

Day 60
Ruth Vindas | Costa Rica
Pray that I can build my ministry of teaching practical theology at the Universidad Biblica Latin American.

Day 61
Jeanine & Walt White | Global
Pray for empowerment to touch people’s lives deeply with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Day 62
Katrina & Kyle Williams | Thailand
Pray for Kyle’s work with the Mekong Minority Foundation that brings Biblical education to hill tribe churches in three countries.

Day 63
Debby Witmer | Global
Pray as I help the missionary kids to have a real and growing faith in Jesus that is their own.

Day 64
Faye Yarbrough | South Africa
Pray for the Teleios Christian School’s ministry to special needs children and their parents.

Day 65
Dilia Zelaya | Honduras
Pray for Ministries of Faith & New Life that visit families needing housing in Azacualpa, Honduras.