Watch Party Host Tips

Thank you for hosting a watch party during Global Encounter! What better way to welcome your guests and celebrate different cultures around the world than through food? Food is an important way for us to understand the cultural practices and traditions of people from different backgrounds. Recipes help preserve the history, beliefs, and values of the people who cooked them.

Invite your guests to have a meal together and host a successful watch party using the three simple steps below.

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Global Encounter Recipe Book

Choose a dish to feature during your watch party, selected from our complementary recipe book. Create a sign-up sheet for people to indicate if they are bringing a main dish, fruit, salads, soups, sandwiches, or a dessert. Or you can wait and be surprised by what appears on your serving table! Don’t forget the beverages.

Browse our Global Encounter Recipes Book for inspiration, and select your menu items.


Provide paper and pen so that people can identify their dish by name, what country it is from, and what it contains. Use some colorful plates or napkins. Do you want traditional cutlery or chopsticks? Or will people be encouraged to eat with their hands or use a piece of bread to scoop up the food? Don’t forget the serving utensils.

Dress up the dining tables with international or colorful tablecloths. Decorations will add a festive flair so invite people to bring items from other countries like pottery or small pieces of artwork.


Enjoy watching Global Encounter together, including music and dance from other cultures. You can also enhance your experience with games for all ages. Provide a Food Fun Facts sheet at each place setting with information about food customs in other countries. Download the Food Fun Facts sheet.

Place a Food Matching Game sheet at each table of foods and countries that people can match together. Download the Food Matching Game sheet.

Explore our other Global Encounter Resources for more information on how to enhance your experience during the event.