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Feature Elijah Counselling and Training Centre in Nepal



The Elijah Counseling and Training Centre (ECTC) is a non-profit organization registered in the District Administration Office of Lalitpur district in May 2010, and it is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. ECTC is engaged in delivering psychosocial counselling services and imparting training for strengthening human resources in the field of mental health.  It is committed to high-quality training and counselling services, to build a community of psychologically and socially stable people, in all kinds of settings. ECTC works in partnership with various organizations, hospitals, schools and colleges to build a holistically healthy community.

ECTC works in 4 core areas

  1. Counselling – Most of us experience emotional difficulties at some time in our lives. We may feel the need to talk to someone. We could be struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, difficult decisions, loss, or painful memories from the past. Some may be self-harming or having suicidal thoughts. In this situation we need counseling, ECTC provides a safe, nonjudgmental, and respectful space for people in need of such help. We have professional and experienced counselors who work under a certified supervisor.

a. One-on-one counseling (Adults and children) – center based .

b. Psychosocial intervention at the Prison (Nakhu Jail).

c. Group counseling.

d. Couple Counseling.


  1. Training – Equipping individuals with basic skills to communicate well, and deal with stress, burnout, conflict, team building and more. These courses can be tailored to meet the needs of the requesting schools, hospitals or organizations.

a. Pastoral care and Counseling Training (Church Course) – For curch leaders.

b. Basic Counseling Skills Training.


  1. Diploma in Counselling and Practical Transformation – 1 year course


  1. Helping Children with Trauma



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