Should you give to International Ministries’ General Fund too?
Many IM friends who give support for a global servant give to the IM General Fund too.

At International Ministries, we are often asked why gifts to the General Fund are needed. IM global servants reach out to individuals and churches directly to meet their personalized support goals, so where do General Fund gifts go? To answer this question, let’s look first at what a global servant’s funding covers.

The Personal Support Goal (PSG) is the funding amount each global servant needs.

When you make a donation for an IM global servant, you are helping to meet his or her personalized support goal, or PSG. This is the funding necessary for the global servant to live and serve where God has called. Because the cost of living varies from country to country, PSGs also vary.

Part of the PSG is used for salary, living expenses, such as housing, retirement, medical benefits and other personal and family needs. Another part may include basic ministry expenses, such as travel visas, passports, and services like technology licenses and internet services. The remainder may include vital missionary support from a dedicated global personnel director, home office staff, and an area director. When you make a donation for IM global servant support, you are helping to meet his or her personalized support goal, or PSG. This is the funding budgeted for the global servant to live and serve where God has called.


But if a global servant’s PSG does all this, why is general fund giving needed?

The  General Fund insures all of the operations of IM are in place so that global servants can serve in their call to mission. Part of general giving furnishes resources like IM’s website to highlight the work of our global servants. IM provides donor services for answering your questions as well as receiving and processing gifts. It covers expenses for finance to manage and distribute funds for our global servants, it includes the work of mobilizing new global servants. It includes global personnel services, part of the funding for our five area directors, who support, engage with, and build relationships between global servants and international partners and promotional and educational materials and videos to share what God is doing with your support.

Annually, IM requires nearly $16 million in PSG support, General Fund, World Mission Offering support, and other investment income combined. Of that $16 million:

84% is used for mission programs

10% is used for administrative support

6% is used for development and fundraising

All of your gifts advance God’s mission!

It is only through your prayer and financial support that we can meet needs around the world and share the love of Christ. Only by enlarging and sustaining both personalized support and general giving will IM be able to chart out the next hundred years in global mission. Thank you for joining us in answering God’s call! You can learn more about ways to give here or can give a gift online to International Ministries’ General Fund here.

Questions? Contact IM Donor Services.