Posted on June 7, 2020 Grateful and blessed
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Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

I trust this note finds you safe and healthy in the midst of all the uncertainties and difficulties around us. For my family, and me, we are doing well.

On my previous email, I was inviting you to join me on the recent Monthly Giving Match that International Ministries (IM) started on Monday, June 1 st to help all Global Servants with their funding in order for them to be sustained in the mission field, as well as those preparing to go to the mission field, like me.

On this fundraising, there is a Match limit for each Missionary raising their support. Each Missionary Unit may be matched only up to $5,000 Donations to Standard Appointment Missionaries.

I praise God so much for His provisions and His faithfulness! PLEASE REJOICE WITH ME! I reached the maximum match of $5,000. I also reached my goal to get to 80% of my PSG (Personalized Support Goal)!!! God is good!!! I would like to thank those who started supporting and to all existing ministry partners that increased their giving. You truly are a blessing! Glory to God!!!

The fundraising is still underway. Since I’ve already reached the maximum unit, you won’t find my name anymore on the list from the Monthly Giving Match webpage. The GOOD NEWS is, you can still give! Please CLICK HERE to take you to the giving page or go directly to my IM Webpage
(, click on the GREEN GIVE Button. I still need 20% to get to 100% funding goal of my PSG in order for me to get sent out to the mission field. Please prayerfully consider supporting me or increasing your support in any amount. Every $$$ amount matter! Please send me to Mexico and let’s journey together for the glory of God!

Gratefully yours,

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