Posted on January 31, 2020 Full S.T.E.M. Ahead South Africa Winter 2020 Journey to South Africa – Can’t Wait to Tell the Story
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Missionary kids telling the Story October 2019



Happy New Year Everyone. May the Lord bless you in this New Year of 2020.

Currently, I am studying the book of Mark using various devotionals. In the beginning of Mark (Mark 1 -3), I see Jesus calling His disciples. He just says, “Come follow me” and they follow Jesus. Then in Mark 5 Jesus heals a demon possessed man who wants to go with him, but Jesus says to him, “No, go home to your family and tell them how good God is.” Both occasions come after Jesus performs great miracles. The lesson learned for me is whether I go to South Africa now or later, I still must tell everyone about the Good News of Jesus Christ. I must still tell about the goodness of GOD.

Here are some highlights of this good news. God is doing a wonderful work at Teleios Christian School. The school year for Teleios Christian School has started. The new and returning students are settling in conducting academic reviews before moving on to new subjects. These special-needs children and their parents get the help they need at Teleios Christian school.  In South Africa, studies show that over the course of primary and secondary school, South African Schools are losing about 45% of their learners, they never make it to grade 12. Teleios Christian School’s dedicated teachers and staff are making sure that each student gets a good foundation and can complete grade 12. Completing grade 12 allows students to be able to go on to a Trade school or University.  This is a wonderful ministry that is making real “heart change” for Christ in the lives of our young people.

The goal is to be in South Africa by the second quarter (April – June 2020). Only He knows when I will be leaving. God is doing a wonderful work in my life. Yielding to His divine providence, my faith and patience are growing stronger. Some missionary kids taught me to humble myself. I am ready to start studying the Xhosa language (studying some words now) with my tutor.  I am also ready to travel around, getting to know my new surroundings and learning from my South African team members at Bethany Emmanuel Baptist Church. Most of all I am excited to meet each student of Teleios Christian school.

Praising God for all His many blessings. He has done so many wonderful things in 2019 and I look forward to all the great things He will do in 2020 (My Commissioning Service and Sending to South Africa). I thank you for your prayer and continued partnership.  I will be praying for you as you are praying for me.

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Faye Yarbrough

International Ministries Global Servant – South Africa

Prayer Requests:

*My commissioning and sending to serve in South Africa.

*The children at Teleios Christian School

*The ministry of letting Christ be known through Math and Science at Teleios Christian School

*Our journey together, recognizing that God has brought us together in order to make a difference in the lives of children in South Africa and in your local area.

*Missionary families, especially those with children all over the globe.

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