Posted on December 22, 2023 From Casablanca to Agadir: Mission in Morocco

From Casablanca to Agadir: Mission in Morocco

The classic Hollywood movie Casablanca has been considered as one of the greatest war movies! Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman immortalized this movie, which has very little violence.

Enduring love has been engaged in sharing the love and hope through Jesus Christ in the large country of Morocco for almost ten years. This region as a whole is made of grand lore! In the first six centuries of the early church, northern Africa was known as the land of Tertullian, Cyprian and St. Augustine, great pillars of Christianity. With the spread of Islam in the late 7th century AD, Christianity was virtually wiped out. This aggressive new religion drove some of the original Berber Christians to move to the inaccessible parts of the Atlas mountains. Islam now dominates Morocco, and the few beleaguered followers of Jesus meet in underground house churches.


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