Posted on October 22, 2017 Fall Update
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We’ve had a great fall so far! Here’s the latest:

Thanks to your generous donations, the kitchen project at the Serbian Baptist Church is starting to come together! The picture above shows the work team finishing the roof. Pastor Zoltán Nyúl prays this kitchen will help the church serve the community for years to come. Please continue to pray for Zoltán and his ministry. As Larry says, Zoltán dreams big, in a way that must make God so happy!

This summer as we visited churches, I shared with you thank you cards from my students. Some of you have been writing notes to these kids introducing yourselves and sharing your faith. Thank you! This is a picture of Ági, who got a letter from Sherry Jenkins from Crainville Baptist Church.  If you got a card from one of my students and you’d like to become pen pals with them, please send cards and letters to our home address here in Téglás and I’ll share them with the kids.


4243 Téglás

Kossuth utca 35.


Our biggest excitement this fall is having our oldest son Caleb visit us. He and Larry went to Serbia and cut and delivered firewood. Caleb took this selfie while his dad was staking out the next tree! He enjoyed meeting Pastor Zoltán and seeing where his dad works.

The family time with Caleb has been irreplaceable. He even taught Maggie and Brandy how to ride their bikes! The community has been very excited to have him here as well. The big question is always, Does he like Téglás? Does he like the food? And when will he come back? This is our big question, too!  He and his wife, Nesha, live in Germany, so hopefully will visit again soon.

In Serbia, there is a man in the community who was hurt in a farming accident and is paralyzed from the neck down. Pastor Zoltán’s church has reached out to him, and through your generous support, we are able to assist them. Larry thinks Roland’s quality of life would be greatly improved by a wheelchair. If you have any contacts in the medical community and know where we could get a wheelchair for a quadriplegic, please let us know.

Thank you again for your prayer and financial support. It’s what keeps us here and keep this going! May God bless you and yours this fall.