Posted on December 11, 2019 Fall Update 2019

Greetings from Chiang Mai, Thailand! As most of you know, from August 29 – November 4, I traveled far and wide throughout the United States. The picture above gives you an idea of my route. Not every stop is documented, but you get the idea — I was all over the place! It was a wonderful tour of 20 churches over the course of 10 weeks. The pace was demanding, but it was refreshing to reconnect with so many of you who have shown me such care and lovingkindness. Some churches I visited had actually never met me in person, but have been supporting my work and New Life Center for nearly five years! What a blessing to give and receive love – in person!



Hiking to the top of the world (or so it seemed!) with NIST International School students in November

Last year, a high school junior at NIST International School in Bangkok contacted the New Life Center. She was founding an anti-trafficking service group called Green Light at her school and was looking for a reputable organization with whom to partner. I began working closely with her and the (then) small group of girls, hoping that this relationship would broaden our residents’ horizons and expose them to other kids their own age who speak out for justice. Now in its second year, Green Light is 15 strong. Their project this fall was a “Hike for Freedom.” Each student asked family and friends to sponsor them to scale the second highest peak in Thailand. They invited several NLCF residents, as well as myself, to join. The hike took place November 16-17 and was a wondrous, if at times harrowing experience for all. The students will continue raising funds for NLCF throughout this school year. Their goal is $10,000.

If you or a group of which you are part is open to creative fundraising for New Life Center, please get in touch with me. I would love to brainstorm ideas with you! Shave your beard for a worthy cause … hoola hoop for freedom … a spicy noodle challenge … the possibilities are endless!

“I will soar on wings like eagles, I will run and not grow weary, I will walk an not faint.” -Isaiah 40:31





Language lessons are starting up again! While I can speak “daily life” Thai proficiently, there are endless topics with specialized vocabulary that I haven’t learned. One of these is – believe it or not – Bible and prayer vocabulary. I know some words, but not many, and not well. It is my goal this year to increase my proficiency in this area! Please pray for me in this new challenge.

Thanksgiving is not a locally observed holiday, so I’ll have a normal workday. However, I’ll have a special dinner with friends from church that evening.

Christmas is coming up, and I’ll spend it with my adopted family here in Thailand. I was able to leave some wrapped presents back in the States for my own family, and I look forward to Skyping with them on their Christmas Eve, as is our tradition.

At New Life Center:

December 5-8 is our biennial (every 2 years) VBS Camp! A total of about 120 residents, staff, and scholarship students will spend time together at a mountain retreat. We will enjoy fellowship and rest, as well as Bible teaching, baptisms, communion, and (please pray for) personal encounters with God.

Christmas and New Year are special times of celebration at New Life Center and in Christian tribal communities around Northern Thailand. It’s a time of traditional dancing, feasting, and worship. Some of our residents will spend time with their extended families over the New Year. Please pray for them to have a safe holiday.

Graduations are right around the corner for New Life Center. The school year ends and summer break begins at the beginning of March. Please pray for wisdom for our staff and residents as they make decisions about their future!