Posted on October 3, 2018 Fall 2018
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Dear Friends,

I know you haven’t heard much from us for some time.  We have had a great summer transitioning to the States for this year.  We moved into a Church parsonage for We’ve had wonderful opportunities to catch up with longtime friends and supporters. Katrina and I attended a ten-day training on Conflict Transformation at the Buttry Center in Kansas City.

While at the Buttry Center we had a wonderful time developing new relationships with many other global workers and local pastors.  One goal of the training was to teach us how to teach others using experiential learning techniques.  For instance, instead of lectures which only engage the auditory senses, you might play a game that demonstrates something like how corporate interest sometimes take advantage of vulnerable people.  This way multiple senses are engaged which increases retention, but maybe even more importantly, instead of being told something, the participants are able to discover new revelation on their own.  Dan and Sharon Buttry are masters of their craft.  We were deeply honored to have the chance to learn from them.

I don’t want to miss this opportunity to catch everyone up on our process.  Here are some of the questions that we are frequently getting:

Are you still working with International Ministries?
YES! Of course.  IM has been a great support since the beginning in 2012.  We currently have no plans that don’t involve IM.  We are excited about our continued work with them.  What maybe has been a little confusing is simply that we are changing locations, but not our sending agency.

How long are you back in the States for?
We are back until June 31st as long as our Personal Support Goal (PSG) is back at 100%. This means that we need regular support pledges; weekly, monthly, annually, etc.  Currently we are around 75%-80% of our goal.

What happens after that?
Well, if our PSG is back at 100% we will transition to our new place of ministry.  The kids will begin a new school.  Ian will be in high school which is bizarre.  We will begin language training and engagement with our partners.

Where is that?
Oh, wouldn’t you like to know…and we would love to tell you…but for now we can’t publicize our expectations. We are in a process.  We can ensure you that we are walking along with IM and there is a plan in place.  Before we are able to publically talk about where we are going there are a few things that need to happen.  An avenue for visas must be found; a partnership agreement must be written and signed by all parties, and our senior mission team must vote to confirm the assignment.

Why is it taking so long?
Well, because it is a process that no one wants to rush.  We trust this process and we are glad that it is being done with precision, prayer, and thoughtfulness.

From the beginning, we chose to go with IM because of their emphasis on partnerships.  We believe that this is the vital to bringing about the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.  I mentioned the partnership agreement above.  We don’t go into the world bringing others something we have and they don’t.  Instead we work together, building trust so that we can challenge and be challenged by our new environment growing we grow the Kingdom on Earth as it is above.  A key to partnership is shared vision and an understanding of purpose.  We believe we have found such a partner but again must wait a bit until we announce where and what this may be.

What does your schedule look like?
So far it looks like what is listed below.

I am always wanting to add more, but am also trying to keep some dates open for meetings in VF.  My November is open and I would love to be speaking in WA and OR.

24th-28th Center for Ministry;
30thWenatchee Brethren Baptist;
6thABW Gathering Olympia, WA
12th-13thEvergreen Gathering
14thGresham FBC, OR
17thPanther Lake Baptist, Kent, WA
28thEllensburg Pres. WA
I am looking to fill up this month with engagements for churches and small groups in WA and north and central OR.  If you are interested let me know.
2ndSpringfield WI to kick off Global Mission Month
15th-30thKatrina travels to new place of ministry to speak to future partners
10thThe morning will be spent Evergreen Baptist Church of LA and evening spent with Atherton Baptist Homes. (I would like to book more speaking engagements around this date in the Southern Cal area.  Let me know if you’re interested in hearing from us.

I am planning some extended trips to geographical areas.  I am shooting to spend most of April for example in central and southern Idaho, Boise, Twin Falls, etc.  If you are a church or even a small group that would like to hear about what has been going on in Congo over the last couple of years and how this has lead us to our current path please write.  Keep in mind that there are only so many Sundays so think about weekdays with small groups.

Prayer Requests?