Posted on October 1, 2019 Faithful Servant Debbie Mulneix will Retire in October

Faithful servant Debbie Mulneix will retire in October

Benjamin Chan

October 1, 2019

I am sad but also happy to announce the retirement of Debbie Mulneix effective October 31, 2019. Words cannot express my deep appreciation of Debbie’s commitment, flexibility and diligent ministry in various locations. We are also shopping and bargaining buddies. Debbie was denied of her entry of India a few years ago but her recent India e-visa was approved, and she attended the India Baptist Summit in October. GMT Vote: “With gratitude for her years of faithful service in India, Philippines and elsewhere in Asia, to accept the retirement of Debbie Mulneix from mission service, effective October 31, 2019.”


Debbie 4th from the left in black at the India Baptist Summit


Debbie and Ben visited the Philippines in 2013

                                                     Debbie and students of Woodstock School in 2008