May 21, 2024 Faculty Housing for Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide housing for 4 faculty members at Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary in Thailand.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $29,411 to construct faculty housing at the Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary in Thailand.
DescriptionFounded in 2017, the Kawthoolei Hope Theological Seminary (KHTS) addresses the pressing need for advanced theological education for the youth, many of whom are stateless and cannot attend other seminaries. The number of students is increasing, but there is an immediate need to provide faculty housing. KHTS is located in Phop Pra, a small rural village with limited options for housing faculty. Visiting professors rent accommodations and endure long commutes from Mae Sot, 35 miles away. Faculty housing is essential not only for their commitment and comfort, but it will give them time to concentrate on their roles and responsibilities. The proposed building will also provide a venue for discussion, collaborative planning and it will nurture a vibrant academic community within the seminary. Addressing the immediate requirement for faculty housing is not only imperative but also pivotal for the enduring success of KHTS in nurturing young pastors and peace builders. The construction of this building will enable KHTS to attract highly qualified professors, expand their program to serve more students, and fulfill their mission of equipping pastors and church leaders to serve across Thailand, Myanmar, in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, and beyond. The project total cost is $29,411.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $1,000 will furnish 2 rooms with beds, linens, desks and chairs. A gift of $2,000 will pay for the finish work and furniture. A gift of $5,000 will buy materials for the roof of the building. A gift of $8,000 will buy windows, doors and bathroom amenities. A gift of $10,00 builds the entire exterior structure. A gift of $15,000 will buy the structure framing materials like cement, rebar and roofing.
Prayer RequestsPray for the Karen Church which plays a pivotal role not only in its immediate vicinity along the border areas of Thailand and Myanmar, but also influences neighboring countries. Pray that increasing KHTS’s capacity to provide vital theological education will have a far-reaching impact. Praise God for the 9 dedicated faculty who helped KTHS graduate 40 students in 2023. Pray for the students in the 3 programs of KHTS: Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Ministry and Master of Arts in Socio-political Transformation. Pray that the school will continue to grow and bring in new students and faculty annually.
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