Posted on March 12, 2021 Explore Iraq in a 5-part video series

Explore Iraq in a 5-part video series

IM Global Servant Dan Chetti founded and directs Project Enduring Love, a partner organization of IM, to share the message of God’s love in the Middle East and North Africa. Enduring Love serves in seven countries, launching successful business-as-mission projects to provide sustainable livelihoods to families in need as well as starting more than three hundred house groups to share the love and hope of God.

In the summer of 2019, Dan traveled with Associate Director of Enduring Love Todd McClure, Director of Communications Filipe Amado, and a camera person to visit Enduring Love workers in Baghdad. Afterward, they traveled throughout Iraq, met with leaders of ethnic and religious groups, and visited a centre for inter-religious dialogue, two universities, Shia mosques, and the famous Imam Ali Mosque.

Through this 5-part video series, you can journey with them to explore and learn more about Iraq, its people, its religious communities, the challenges faced by Enduring Love workers, and more.

Iraq is the land where Abraham was born, where Old Testament prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel, and Nahum ministered, and where the Christian community has lived continuously since the first century. Embark with Dan on this video series to learn more about the country! Many thanks to for sharing and creating these videos.

Episode 1 / Our journey to Iraq starts here: (3:35)

Episode 2 / Multiculturality in Iraq: (4:28)

Episode 3 / The beauty of reconciliation: (4:15)

Episode 4 / Loving your neighbor: (4:09)

 Episode 5 / Journey to Iraq: (3:43)