Posted on October 26, 2021 INSAAF INSIGHTS-Enlarging the place of our tent

“Enlarge the Place of your Tent; do not hold back.” (Isaiah 54:2)

We have been battling many storms in Lebanon. Beginning with the deepening political crises from October of 2019, followed by the financial crisis and a steep decline in the value of Lebanese currency, and then the huge Blast in the Beirut Port. All these cataclysmic events have demoralized Lebanon and all those who live here.

In the midst of these multiple crises, we at the Insaaf Ministry had to rethink our vision and Mission and how to address the challenges? What is God’s Word for our context?

As we search the scriptures, we are struck by the words of prophet Isaiah, who tried to rally the dispirited people of Israel who were also beset by the prospects of Exile and multiple problems.

Isaiah encouraged them to lift up their eyes and look at God and his ability to transform their problems into greater opportunities. In chapter 4:2 he declares, “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back, lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes”. Rather than ‘fold up your tent’ and retreat, Prophet encourages them to ‘enlarge your tent’, ‘stretch and do not hold back”.

In the midst of our crises, God is opening up new opportunities. We have always felt the space in our current location cramped. God now enabled us to rent a larger office space. So, we can continue our ministries with social distancing, re-start classes and programs at the appropriate time.

We have pivoted this crisis to focus on humanitarian aid, medical aid, legal aid, repatriation of MDWs to their homes. The additional space enables us to use dedicated rooms for prayer and counseling, training of our staff.

Our new premises need some repairs, fixing bars on windows, painting walls, and purchase of office furniture. The same week as prayers were going up, a faithful friend and donor from 3rd Baptist Church, St. Louis, Donna McDill, sent me a note, wanting to know how she can help with the needs of the Insaaf Ministries. As in the past, God surprised us! We sent Donna an estimate and she raised generous donations; enabling us to move into our expanded new facilities. Praise God for His provision!

MERATH, a service wing of the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (used to be known as the Lebanese Baptist Society) sought us out wanting to partner with Insaaf Ministries. They provide us with food vouchers for distribution among the suffering MDWs, baby food, diapers, hygiene items, and mattresses for distribution. All these are immensely appreciated by the MDWs.

This week with the help of MERATH, Insaaf repatriated 8 Migrant Domestic Workers back to their home countries. I am inserting a letter of appreciation we received from the Nigerian Embassy.

Another exciting thing we are exploring with MERATH, is the possibility of hiring a Social Worker. We desperately need more hands and people with expertise in this field. All the while our spiritual care and counseling have increased a great deal, and a new center enables us to have more space for individualized care and counseling.

His advice to God’s people: “Enlarge the place of your tent”, ”do not hold back”, “lengthen your cords”, are powerful reminders that we are now at an inflection point. Think clear, plan well, cast a vision; and lean on God to do the rest. The words of Prophet Isaiah are inspirational to the people who were beset by grave challenges. He encouraged his people not to be afraid of storms of life or trials that life throws at them.

God will indeed glorify himself and show INSAAF a new future, as he did for Zion.

Sarah R Chetti
Director-Insaaf: Justice and Compassion of Jesus







We are still in need of a few chairs, tables, and a TV for our new “tent”. If you are willing to help us finish furnishing our new space, please contact us at


We rejoice in the many varied ways God is using us to be His hands and feet to “the least of these” in Beirut at this time. Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and for your generous giving!

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