Posted on April 17, 2023 English Opens Doors
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I can feel the joy already. As the gate creaks open, a few heads turn. Before I can step fully inside, three little girls are hugging me around the knees. 8 year-old Olivia excitedly asks, “Ami néni! (Aunt Amanda) you’re here! Are you keeping class today?”

Hungarian and English are not similar languages. Even though they share a similar alphabet, they are very different in logic, structure, and grammar. Yet, well-spoken English can open huge opportunities for Hungarian students. Every week, Amanda leads conversational English class for 1st – 8th grade students at Talentum Baptist Elementary School, so that the students can apply the language lessons they have learned. The students play games, sing songs, and sometimes have deep conversations. 

It is a team effort at Talentum. In partnership with our local Baptist church and English Bible study, Amanda helps volunteers work in small groups with students. Reluctant speakers are drawn out of their quietness and stronger speakers are encouraged. Best of all, we can do this with the heart and hands of Jesus. After school, students can join in youth groups and children’s programs at the church. It is an amazing open door to provide both practical skills for life, and the opportunity to meet Jesus and have eternal life.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel that allows us to share the love of Jesus in such practical ways. We praise the Lord for you!