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Posted on April 15, 2024 Enfants Bien Aimes (Beloved Children) Project
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47% of the population of DRCongo is said to be children 14 years old and younger. In Goma, an area with much insecurity and turmoil, thousands if children are living on the streets for various reasons.
The goal of this project is to provide care, training, discipleship, emergency shelter, and integration into safe homes for vulnerable children in Goma.
In 2021 a project to help the street children of Goma was begun. That first phase included the construction of a two-story structure with classrooms, a counseling room, office, kitchen and emergency safe haven. The children attending the program are ages 5 – 12, with the priority to the most vulnerable:  younger children and those with disabilities. They receive short-term relief (food, clothing, medical care) alongside trauma counseling, educational and life-skills training that will build their resilience and self-assurance.
The children participate five days a week under the care and supervision of trained support staff. Emergency night shelter is provided for the most vulnerable and those in the last weeks of the program before being reintegrated into homes.
The approach provided by the project is based on the rights of the child, including the right to protection, quality education, health care, housing, and participation, aiming for a sustainable reintegration of the children back into family homes.
The children are provided with items such as mattresses, blankets and clothing to help not cause a hardship to the family.
Here is the link to donate to the EBA Project:
A gift of $250 will allow us to buy clothing and shoes for 30-40 children.
A gift of $700 will provide food for a month for all the children in the eBA program.
A gift of $1,500 will provide full care for eight children to participate for three months.
Please pray that God will transform the children in the program to be models of change. Pray that successful reintegration into society will have a transforming effect on their families and other children living on the city streets. Pray for wisdom and patience for their teachers and many volunteers.