November 13, 2023 Emerging Leaders Cohorts
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Short-Term Mission Engagement Short-Term Mission Engagement
GoalThe goal of this project is to disciple the next generation of young leaders in their faith journeys and strengthen their understanding of God’s call on their lives
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $29,412 annually in order to provide financial support of a program that helps the ELC members have experiences intended to deepen their faith and understand how God is at work in their lives and the world.
DescriptionEmerging Leaders is the newest ongoing young adult initiative at International Ministries. This exciting two-year program is for individuals ages 16 – 29 years old. Using virtual and in-person platforms, the members of the Emerging Leaders Cohort (ELC) participate in a discipleship journey that uses themed lessons to discuss spiritual formation, ministry settings, leadership skills and more. The ELC meet twice a month, plus an in-person annual retreat. They participate in a variety of experiences to deepen their faith and help them understand how God is at work in their lives and world. With the support of compassionate, encouraging mentors, the ELC members explore if God might be calling them to them to be short-term mission volunteers or to pursue becoming long-term global servants. The virtual nature of cohorts allows for greater participation. Support for this project will assist with in-person participation at conferences, on short-term mission experiences and to attend the annual retreat. The funds will be used to support the cost for registration, lodging and meals. Through these experiences, the young adults will interact with leaders from around the world to learn and grow their leadership skills, broaden their worldview, and seek new opportunities to serve their local community and overseas alongside global servants. Most cohort members are in high school or college, are entering their master’s program or are working to support themselves. Support for this project makes it possible for them to attend in-person experience that will expose them to diverse individuals, cultures and learning opportunities. The project total cost is $88,235 over 3 years, or $29,412 per year.
Suggested GiftsYour support for in-person experiences will enable the ELC members to attend events that expose them to diverse individuals, cultures, and learning opportunities. A gift of $50 will pay for 2 ELC member’s Welcome Box with an ELC hoodie, T-shirt and discipleship journal. $500 will provide partial scholarships for an ELC member to attend the 2025 Biennial OR go on a short-term mission trip in the US. $1,000 will provide partial scholarships for an ELC member to attend the Urbana mission conference OR the 2026 World Mission Conference. $2,500 will pay for an ELC retreat. $5,000 would provide scholarships for 10 ELC members to support their in-country cost on a short-term mission trip. A generous gift of $10,000 will pay for housing all 10 ELC members at Urbana.
Prayer RequestsPray for the ELC members as they get to know each other, develop connections and learn to trust themselves and God. Pray for the leadership of the ELC as they walk alongside these young women and men, encourage them and hold them accountable in their journeys of faith. Pray that the ELC experience will give the members a strong cadre of friends they can call upon when they are struggling.
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