Posted on June 1, 2023 Application Period Changed – Emerging Leaders Cohort Applications

The application process has been changed for the Emerging Leaders’ Cohorts.  These cohorts focus on young adults aged 16-29. This is a large age range, so these cohorts are divided into two main groups. The first group is called the Connectors, aged from 16-20 years old, while those between the ages of 21-29 serve as Trailblazers. Other than being between 16-29 years old, the only requirement is that members are US citizens or legal residents. We can accept up to 12 Connectors and 12 Trailblazers through this application process for the 2024-2025 cohorts.


The application acceptance period has been changed for 2023. Applications will open the first of October 2023 and run through the month.

Application process timeline: 


What will you experience as an Emerging Leader Cohort Member?

These cohorts are designed to walk alongside youth and young adults, supporting their faith journeys and helping each member better discern God’s calling on their lives


The list below is a glimpse of what will take place within these cohorts:


Our goal is to have these cohorts be diverse in gender, race, denomination affiliation, creative and spiritual gifts, and more.


These cohorts are a fantastic opportunity to have a unique experience with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Within each of us is a leader awaiting the opportunity, guidance, and confidence to emerge. Through these cohorts, may your inner leader find the boldness to serve.



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