Posted on April 10, 2020 Easter Greetings 2020
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Dear friends and faithful ministry partners,

I hope you are all well and healthy as you read this newsletter.  Praise God, I am doing well.  Thank you for your prayers.  I ended my self-quarantine last Thursday, and I am home now with my parents.  I went home Friday.  Although I “enjoyed” my alone time at my gramma’s house during the 14-days quarantine, it wasn’t home.  As I walked in our house, my mom greeted me.  I gave her a big, big hug and tons of kisses!  I really did miss my parents.  The idea of not having the freedom to get closed to them, hug them, spend time with them was totally unacceptable, but nothing I could do; for everyone’s safety, I must comply with the guidelines given to being safe. I’m sure this social-distancing isn’t easy for everyone.


Easter maybe different this year because of everything that is happening around us.  No Church services, no egg hunting for the kids, no gatherings of large groups.  A friend of mine made a comment in one of our conversation “Our freedom was taken away.”  It may seem like freedom has been taken away from us.  I don’t really agree.  I have friends who still meet and have Bible group study (of course, they’re six feet away from each other), most Churches are still able to deliver their Sunday sermons, IM Global Servants and Staff are having prayer group meetings, thanks to new technology and the social media; I walked around the lake with my doggy-Dori, I rode my bike last week, my parents and I went for a nice drive yesterday; You see, freedom is not totally taken away, agree?  Some may argue with me about that.  It’s ok.  But, hear me out a little bit more.  I understand, the “stay-at-home” order is not easy; because of it, a lot of people are out of work and a lot of places were shut down.  We can’t even sit and enjoy a meal at our favorite restaurants anymore, or even just to hangout at our favorite coffee shop.  People can’t go to the gym, can’t go to work, unless the type of work they do is essential; the list can go on.  You know what I’m talking about.  It is hard and it is sad because that’s used to be the norm, they’re the things that we’re used to. Seem like for now, the new norm is “Social Distancing,” six feet away from each other until the “stay-at-home” order gets lifted up.  Yes, those kind of freedom were definitely taken away, I totally agree.


However, here’s what I would like to share with you.  I hope this will encourage you and lift up your spirit.  We have the most important freedom of all, freedom that no one can take away from us.  Easter maybe different this year, but during this Holy Week, we can still prepare our hearts by spending time with our Lord.  Remember, this week and at all times, we always have freedom in Christ.  Freedom to share our joy, our burdens and we cry it out to Jesus.  We have the freedom to worship Him, the freedom to rejoice.  We should be grateful because the God we serve is a loving God, who gave up His ONE and only Son for us, sinners.  We are free to celebrate the victory of our Lord, Jesus.  Through his death we were given the Ultimate freedom and by His wound we are healed.  Let’s remember Jesus’ selfless sacrifice on the cross for us and honor Him.  Remember, Jesus conquered death!!!  THAT’S FREEDOM!!!


This COVID-19 is giving everyone fear; it is scary and it is real!  In addition, I feel the media arouses more fear.  This Holy Week, let’s prepare our hearts for Jesus.  As we prepare our heart and we spend time in His presence, what needs to be turned off, set aside, pushed off until later?  Let’s focus our attention to our Lord.  In His presence, allow Him to comfort you and take away all your fears and worries.  Rest in His presence.  Rejoice in His presence.  Ask God to strengthen your faith in Him.  And most of all, let’s give our heart and all the praises and glory that He deserve.  God is good!!

For we live by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Please know that I am praying for each one of you.  May God protect you, touch you with His healing hands, provide for you and bless you in every area of your lives.  If you have any specific prayer request, I would love to pray for you; please do not hesitate to email me.  For those of you who sent me emails after reading my newsletter, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement.  I love reading your emails.  Thank you!

Those of you, who are faithfully supporting financially, thank you.  Thank you for journeying with me and sending me to the mission field!  I know in my heart that God will send me in His own perfect timing.  To everyone, thank you for your love and for remembering me in your prayers.  In this difficult time, please pray without ceasing.  Remember, you serve a BIG God Who is faithful and will never fail you!  Please take care of yourselves.  Be safe… and stay healthy!

Have a Blessed Easter!

Yours in Christ,

– Jae



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