February 16, 2023 Dominican Republic – River of Life Baptist Church
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GoalThe goal of this project is to rebuild a church in the Dominican Republic as a safe place for worship, and as a community center for programs and activities.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $46,000 in order to reconstruct the River of Life Baptist Church in the Dominican Republic after a devastating fire.
DescriptionLocated in the rural mountains of the Dominican Republic, the River of Life Baptist Church ministers to the Dominicans and Haitians who work on nearby farms and in the cacao fields. Pastor Ignacio Cruz has found creative ways to lead small groups via Zoom and through weekly Bible study packets. These small groups are the lifeblood of the church as many have to work the farms daily, including Sunday mornings. Despite their own challenges, church members share the love of Christ in their community by distributing food, assisting with basic construction, and working with local leaders to begin a primary health care program. In 2022 a devastating fire destroyed the furnishings and caused structural damage to the roof and walls. Even with the damage, the members continue to worship and serve others. As a result of their continuing outreach, 20 new members were recently baptized, almost doubling the size of their membership. A year after the fire, metal beams support the roof. There are no windows or doors. They need electrical wiring. Their long-term goal is to be more than a safe place to worship, but to use their church as a community center for programs and activities. The project total cost is $46,000.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 provides half the windows for the church building. $5,000 purchases the materials for the ceramic flooring in the church. $10,000 pays for the majority of the skilled labor needed on this project.
Prayer RequestsPray that this church begun 38 years ago, will continue to grow and thrive as they serve others. Pray for Pastor Cruz who is bi-vocational and lives an hour away in Santiago. Pray God’s blessing on the members who see themselves as the church and not their building
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