Posted on March 31, 2019 Develop Partnership to Nurture Next Generation Asia American Baptist Leaders

Develop partnership to nurture next generation Asia American Baptist leaders

Benjamin Chan

March 31, 2019

Leslie Turley, James Williams and I hosted the officers of the Alliance of Asia American Baptist Churches in the IM office on March 26. The vision of the Alliance is to

  1. Equip Leaders
  2. Empower churches
  3. Make disciples

As they are seeking the future direction of the Alliance, they shared their concerns during the visit.

  1. They want IM officers to understand and affirm the transition of the Asian American Baptist Caucus (a lobby organization under OGS that does not run programs) to the Alliance, an independent organization which can run programs.
  2. They seek ministry partnership with ABC member organizations.
  3. They seek support including financial support for their Annual Convocation.

Our sharing and discussion went extremely well. Sandra Dorsainvil (IM Director Short-Term Mission) and James gave a wonderful presentation of IM’s STM and volunteer service. Together we have produced some good ideas for the partnership of IM and the Alliance, like the organization of an Alliance’s youth conference to excite and equip Asian American youth for global mission. The Alliance also agreed to help IM promote STM, volunteer and missionary recruitment and the financial support of IM.

The Alliance’s officers who attended the meeting with IM include:

Katharine Hsiao, Mission Coordinator.

Sun Kim, Caucus Coordinator.

Sandra Lee, Congregational Resourcing Coordinator (My former Special Assistant).

Marie Onwubuariri, Past President (Executive Minister, ABC of Wisconsin).

Michele Turek, Records and Communications Coordinator.

Wungreiso Valui, former Congregational Resourcing Coordinator (Senior Pastor

Santa Clara First Baptist Church which is a major donor of IM).

Chakravarthy Zadda, Administration Coordinator.