Posted on September 29, 2020 Covid19 Emergency Relief: Distributing Food in Harare, Zimbabwe

Covid19 Emergency Response: Food Distribution in Harare, Zimbabwe

Chronic food insecurity is a major concern in many countries in Africa.  A report from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (2019) stated that upwards of 239 million people across this continent are undernourished. Food insecurity is impacted by climate change, natural disasters, and conflict — all of which disrupt agricultural production and food supply chains. With the outbreak of Covid19, food insecurity in Africa has become an even greater crisis.

In response to these challenges and with the help of an OGHS Covid19 emergency relief grant, IM partner the United Baptist Church in Zimbabwe (“UBCZ”) distributed critical food and food supplies to vulnerable persons throughout five districts surrounding the capital city of Harare. UBCZ pastors worked together to identify the people with the greatest needs in these communities, and then prepared food hampers (containing sugar, powdered milk, flour, bags of rice, cooking oil, maize, spices and salt) to distribute. One man — a father of five who had lost his job and his income due to the lockdown — had been praying regularly for food. When he received the hamper full of food, he said “I have been praying day and night, asking God if He can provide for (my) family… today, my prayer has been answered!” Another recipient also expressed relief and gratitude for the food hamper. He said that he wondered how he was going to survive during the lockdown. He also expressed humble thanks to “the people from International Ministries…(the USA) has been one of the hardest hit countries in the world, yet you have remembered your friends in Africa, particularly Zimbabwe.”

Please continue to pray for our IM partners and global servants, as they continue serve and minister in their countries of service in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic.