October 4, 2017 Congo – Mitendi Women’s Center Annual Fund
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Abolishing Global Slavery Abolishing Global Slavery
GoalThe goal of this project is to provide annual scholarships for 65 at-risk young women and girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $34,941 annually in order to provide scholarships to at-risk young women and girls, and help maintain the Mitendi Women’s Center in Congo.
DescriptionThe Mitendi Women’s Center is a ministry of the Congolese Baptist Women’s Association. They provide an education and job skills training that reduces the likelihood of young women falling prey to exploitation and prostitution. By empowering the participants, they are given concrete hope for a better life, and a strong foundation of faith and a relationship with God on which to build their future. The center’s 2-year residential program serves at-risk young women, girls and unwed mothers. In addition to basic education and literacy training, they receive counseling and Christian discipleship. The funding for this program provides much needed scholarships to women who are unable to contribute very little, if anything toward tuition. The annual fund also helps with unexpected repairs and maintenance issues at the center. The project total cost is $104,825 for three years, or $34,941 per year.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $10,000 will provide scholarships for dozens of young women for a full year and cover some maintenance costs. $5,000 will cover maintenance and repairs for one year, or provide scholarships for 13 young women for one year. $1,000 will provide scholarships for 2 women and some maintenance costs.
Prayer RequestsPray that the Mitendi Center’s program helps these young women develop a strong relationship with God. Pray for the chaplains, mentors and teachers at Mitendi Center as they strive to inspire and be a blessing. Pray for the young mothers, that these programs will change the trajectory of their life and that of their children
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