November 3, 2023 Congo – Bibles For Literacy Teachers
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GoalThe goal of this project is to give Bibles as teaching materials to volunteer literacy teachers in Congo.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $3,250 annually in order to buy and distribute Bibles to Literacy Program teachers in Congo.
DescriptionIn Africa, students who finish school can forget how to read because there is so little reading material available, and there is little to entice them to read for pleasure. Outside the big cities, even billboards and signposts are rare. There is very little reading material available in local languages like Twa, Lonzo and Mboma. While many Africans are great storytellers, their tradition remains telling stories orally, and Congo does not have a tradition of buying books of any kind. This project seeks to give Bibles as teaching materials to volunteer literacy teachers. The gift of a Bible is a public recognition of each teacher’s contribution in teaching adults and children who need extra tutoring to become literate. The Bible has a wealth of stories, proverbs and poetry that gives teachers a great anthology they can use to capture student’s interest in reading while fostering their literacy capability. Teachers can end every literacy lesson by reading the designated Bible text and applying it to their student’s lives. While every Congolese Christian who can read wants a Bible, many do not have one in their family, and they are not readily available. For Christians in rural areas, a Bible can cost $10 which is a lot of money that they would have to plan and work for to obtain. Saving money is difficult when there are urgent immediate needs that consume cash. Buying a Bible might be the last thing they would think of doing with their money. Donated Bibles are so highly prized that some former literacy students want to become teachers just to have one. There are 150 teachers waiting for Bibles, and future literacy teacher-training seminars will produce more teachers who need and hope to receive a Bible to make them more effective. It is hoped that each teacher will receive a Bible to use as a teaching tool and to enrich their own lives and that of their families. The project total cost is $9,748 over 3 years or $3,250 per year.
Suggested GiftsThe cost for Bibles varies depending on the language: Kituba, Lingala, French or Kikongo. The cost includes transportation, storage, banking and handling fees. A gift of $100 will purchase 8 Bibles. A gift of $500 will purchase 41 Bibles. A gift of $1,000 will purchase 83 Bibles.
Prayer RequestsPray that this project will impact the lives of the Twa, Sakata, Mboma, Mbala, Songo, Ngongo, Kongo, Lonzo, Yaka, Teke, Suku and other ethnic groups in Congo. Pray that by becoming literate students will have increased competence in handling the urgent demands life places on them. Pray that the students will experience a spiritual change as a result of these classes. Pray that the benefits of this project will extend to the 7,000 family members of the teachers and students.
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