December 20, 2023 Congo – BHIMA Hospital Information Management
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provides tools & training to modernize the financial management in Baptist hospitals in Congo.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $20,392 annually in order to purchase and install equipment, and provide training in the use of BHIMA in Congo.
DescriptionBasic Hospital Information Management Application or BHIMA is a financial management system used in the Baptist mission hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This project will provide tools and training to modernize BHIMA by installing a free (open source) computer-based financial management system along with computers, a server and a solar energy source. Hospital administrators and accounts will be trained in the use of the new system and receive on-going support. Upgrading BHIMA will increase transparency in managing inventory and finances, along with transparent reporting for staff in decision making roles. It will promote rational stewardship of limited resources in hospitals serving impoverished patients on a fee for service basis. Modernizing BHIMA will reduce fraud and theft with an imbedded system of checks and balances. It provides comprehensive record keeping and pertinent reporting for analysis by hospital management in decision making. Ensuring that hospitals function sustainably is especially challenging for mission hospitals where the average patient earns about $1/day and must pay for their medical care. The Baptist Evangelical Hospital in Vanga is a pilot site for the BHIMA installation. It’s mandate has been to make quality medical care, in Christ’s name, accessible to all Congo’s people. BHIMA has significantly and positively impacted the administration’s ability to manage cash flow – a key challenge, while improving efficiency, transparency and teamwork. When hospitals aren’t run well, it is the poorest patients who suffer. Funds will not only purchase the equipment and provide a source of power (solar panels, batteries, wiring, accessories, etc.) it will also pay transportation costs for technicians in Kinshasa to install equipment and offer training. There is an urgent need to support hospital administrators to root out corruption in their institution, stand up to tribal pressure, and provide the best environment for patients and the employees. They are eager to have BHIMA at their hospital. The project total cost is $61,176 over 3 years, or $20,392 per year.
Suggested GiftsA gift of $1,000 will cover installation fees and one follow up visit by a technician to the target hospital. A gift of $3,600 will pay for the re-training and follow-up in the 4 hospitals currently using BHIMA. A gift of $5,000 will purchase all the equipment for BHIMA software – laptop, printer, router, electric, etc. for one Baptist mission hospital. A gift of $13,000 will purchase the equipment, energy source and IT support to install the BHIMA in one Baptist mission hospital and train their staff.
Prayer RequestsPray that the installation of BHIMA will benefit thousands of patients with transparent pricing. Praise God for the hundreds of Baptist hospital workers who have seen increased wages as a result of BHIMA reducing fraud and theft at their location. Pray for the hospital administrators and staff who will be trained in the use of BHIMA equipment and IT programs.
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