December 8, 2020 Congo – Baptist University of Congo (UNIBAC)
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Theological Education Theological Education
Education Education
GoalThe goal of this project is to provide university-level academic training for men and women in rural Democratic Republic of the Congo.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $31,400 annually in order to prepare young Congolese women and men spiritually and intellectually be leaders in their rural communities.
Description65 years ago, the Pastoral Institute of Kikongo offered a theological training program for those wanting to serve as pastors in rural communities. In 2015 the institute became a full-fledged university committed to providing a quality, inexpensive education for the young men and women in the region. The Université Baptiste au Congo (UNIBAC) offers degrees in theology, agriculture, education, computer science and information management. Emerging leaders in the church (and in society at large) need broad experience, strong analytical and technical skills, and a solid moral compass to provide direction in a challenging and changing world context. While tuition at UNIBAC is affordable at $250 per year, it can still be out of reach for the people who live around Kikongo working as farmers who earn the equivalent of less than $1 per day. This project will provide scholarships for theology students along with medical assistance, computers for students and staff, equip classrooms with batteries for lighting, help transport and feed visiting professors, and pay for building maintenance and repairs. Students value UNIBAC’s small class sizes, a low professor to student ratio, and the opportunity to continue rural farming activities and stay close to their family and friends. Graduates are equipped to teach in the many rural public schools and this project will help raise the quality of primary and secondary education throughout the region. Graduates with degrees in agriculture are equipped with the skills to promote sustainable agricultural methods and better manage the land and its resources. Students who earn degrees in theology are equipped with a solid knowledge of the Bible and are prepared to lead churches. Many UNIBAC students will major in both theology and education, which enables them to become certified teachers at a local school and also pastor a local church. The project total cost is $ 94,200 for three years, or $31,400 per year.
Suggested Gifts$10 will buy a sack of cement for building upkeep. $10 will buy a tin roofing sheet for building upkeep. $100 will provide meals for visiting professors for a week. $400 will pay for medical care for theology students. $500 will pay for one computer. $4,000 will provide scholarships for theology students.
Prayer RequestsPray for the estimated 1,500 family and community members who will indirectly benefit from the UNIBAC programs.
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