Posted on September 8, 2023 Conectar ~ Rencontrer ~




For me all these verbs and words in Spanish, English and French have deep roots in the word “Partnership…Partenaire…Pareja.”  When I hear and say the word partnership in all three languages, I visualize partnering with, journeying with, connecting with, sitting with, listening with eyes and heart. What about you, what do you see and notice as you reflect on these words listed above?

Since I participated in the symposium held in the American Baptist Churches region of Puerto Rico this past August, I find myself in deeper reflections with the theme of the symposium, which was “Conectar.”

I ponder how might God be asking us to connect with better in this season.  Who might we be omitting or overlooking? Who has now taken a backseat which should continually be invited to stay at Jesus’ table of plenty? Who is the woman at the well in our midst?

As God calls us to serve in the Jerusalems, Samarias and outer part of God’s creation, we are asked to connect with. Le Seigneur nous tend la main et la rencontre se fait. (God extends His hands and the connection is made).

The short-term volunteers who register with the Short-Term Mission desk at International Ministries are asked during their pre-trip orientation sessions, to memorize this verse in the book of Romans “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves” (Romans 12:10). They are asked to hold and embody the verse as their guiding verse while they serve cross-culturally at the invitation of global servants and partners. When volunteers return to their homes and participate in debriefing sessions, we ask in various ways how they have been able to embody Romans 12:10 and what has stood in the way. We ask how individually and corporately they have stayed God-centered as God’s servants and being human beings and not human doings.

As a multi-lingual team of IM staff and volunteer Special Assistants who can speak in Dutch, English, French, Karen, Portuguese, Spanish and  Thai, we connect with,  using several heart languages cross-culturally.

How might God be calling you to connect with?

Como puede conectar?

Comment se fait la rencontre?

May we invite you to journey with us and serve as a short-term mission volunteer, virtual or in-person, and discover where God is already at work?  You can contact us at to start or continue conversations. You can listen to our podcast, Bridges for Mission (B4M)