Posted on October 25, 2017 Coffeeology is Open!!

After years of dreaming and planning, months of construction and paper work, Coffeeology finally opened on October 12th! Currently, we have one employee who has been a great help as we have gone through the pains of opening the doors.

Our vision is still to be a ministry to the community, and to eventually partner with other ministries to train women coming out of prostitution and other at-risk youth. For these first months, we will focus on developing the business, with the training being made available after we get settled and potential trainees are identified. There are a couple of great ministries working with the women as they begin a long journey to restoration with whom we will partner in this endeavor.

When we first started dreaming about the café, we hoped to include a coffee roaster, but limited space meant we had to postpone that idea. For now, our focus will be on the café and its success. We appreciate all of you who have prayed with us, and financially supported our vision for this ministry. Please continue to pray for the success of Coffeeology, our ministry to the community, and for those who will eventually come through the job-training program.