Posted on October 2, 2020 CMC Vellore being recognized in Harvard Business Review

CMC Vellore being recognized in Harvard Business Review

Benjamin Chan

October 2, 2020

I am very happy to share with you that our longtime partner CMC Vellore is recognized for their operation in the Harvard Business Review.

“There are three interrelated strategies that are relevant to businesses seeking to add societal value in the Covid era: 1) pursue intermediate goals; 2) embrace seemingly contradictory tensions; and 3) do more with less. The Christian Medical College (CMC) Hospital in Vellore, India, is a good model for how to put the ideas into practice…”

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Bob and Lu Carman are International Ministries (IM) last missionaries serving in CMC, Vellore, India. Bob became the Director of the Vellore Board (now Foundation) in New York when they moved back to the US. IM continues to provide White Cross Fund, Scholarships and project funds to CMC Vellore via the Vellore Foundation.

I represent IM to serve in the Vellore Foundation Board, and will give a presentation on “How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed the Landscape of Faith Community Interaction” in the Vellore Ecumenical Leadership Forum on October 16, 2020 via Zoom.