Posted on March 18, 2024 Cloud of Witnesses – Feature Narangerel Baasankhuu

Cloud of Witnesses – Celebrating 210th Anniversary of International Ministries

Pastor Narangerel Baasankhuu

Lead Pastor of Real Hope Church Mongolia


I am blessed by International Ministries (IM) for their support of me and my ministry. The memory of my journey with IM began in February 2019.  I went to the USA in 2006 where I attended the First Baptist Church of Blue Hill, Maine.  The Real Hope Church in my hometown of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and the First Baptist Church of Blue Hill, Maine, developed a sister church relationship.  As a result, my friend, Allison Dibble of Blue Hill, suggested I apply for a Palmer Grant from IM to help provide financial aid for the ministry of the Real Hope Church. We always appreciate ministry partnerships to transform our community with the love of Jesus Christ.  It was during the most difficult time in our church when we asked IM to help our church fulfill our goal to transform our community with the love of Jesus.  We sought IM’s help so we could fulfill God’s great mission of sharing the Good News.

IM has been working with our church since 2019 to support our various ministries.  We were blessed by IM when they provided relief supplies of masks and food for needy families during the COVID-19 pandemic. With this support, we had the opportunity to reach needy families.  As a result, we have been blessed with the opportunity to grow in Jesus Christ.  Over the years, with the support of IM, our church has developed several projects to support children and young adults and disciple them.  The children are a great blessing to us in the ministry.  Our vision is to see lives transformed by the love of God.

We began the Real Hope Church in our deprived local area of Ulaanbaatar because there was no church in the area.   Many families are people in need.  The church was established with a group of many families and needy people in the area.  Our church is in an area where winters are extremely cold.  We are grateful for IM’s support of our after-school program.  The after-school program is not just a nice place for children but is necessary for their health, welfare, and evangelism.  IM helps improve our after-school program as a community outreach.  The children come to do their homework in the church.  It also helps parents because we invite them to church and feed them.  By faith, we have accomplished so much for the community over the years.

The Real Hope Church has learned how to bring the message of the gospel to the lost and broken-hearted people and helped them return to Jesus.  We are learning how to bring the message of hope to those in darkness.  We are sharing our faith and teaching about the transformational power of Jesus Christ. We teach that everyone needs to know and understand God’s purpose in their lives.

Thank God for blessing my family with good health as we grow in faith.  Our family has endured difficult times.  We prayed to God and He has heard us.  God has blessed my ministry to impact my church and helped them understand how to lean on Jesus.

International Ministries has sponsored our church projects and programs to serve and glorify God.  I pray God will provide mercy and grace to the International Ministries and all those involved in its operations.