Posted on March 19, 2020 Clapping In Quarantine

I never thought I would find myself participating in the 8pm “Clapping at the windows” in Spain. It happened this past Monday March 16th, using the zoom platform. Six of us were on a zoom video chat and as we were about to finish, when the two global servants serving in Spain, stood up and shouted “It is clapping time. Start clapping!”

The world connected beyond Spain at that moment; with one person who clapped from Ohio, another one in Maryland, another one in Pennsylvania and one in New Zealand. We were linked while clapping through computer windows with our brothers and sister in Spain.

Ministry through clapping….Who would have guessed? God knew and we participated and laughed.

Here are reflections written by Rev. Dr. Ann Borquist, Global Consultant in New Zealand:

Hope is alive. In a conference call today with colleagues in Spain, we experienced something very special. At 8 pm, our neighbours in Spain hang out of their windows to clap and sing their appreciation to health workers managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Those of us in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio and Aotearoa NZ joined with people in Valencia clapping our thanks to all who are on the front lines. Thanks to digital technology, we are finding new, creative ways to affirm and strengthen relationships and a sense of community globally!