Posted on December 5, 2023 Christmas Time is Here
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Christmas Time is Here

As I am typing, I have the sound of a crackling fire playing on a YouTube video. On September 1st, colorful lights and snowflakes began to make their appearance in the Philippine malls! A large sign at one of the entrances said, “116 days until Christmas!” Jose Mari Chan’s voice started to play on the radio, in the stores and on the speakers of trikes and jeepneys. We started to decorate our home on November 1st – which is THE EARLIEST Aaron has permitted us to hang tinsel and blast “All I Want for Christmas”! Amaryn’s dream of having colored lights finally came true. (Yes, I’m more of a dim, soft, yellow lights with neutral and rustic tones type of person, lol.) So far, we’ve placed one wrapped gift for Amos under our small tree where some of our dearest ornaments hang. And … Amos so intently proceeded to prematurely unwrap the present and shreds of paper are still being found in between couch cushions, in the toy box and even in the utensil drawer.

Even with all of the joy and excitement surrounding this season, I have to admit that I’m struggling a bit. This is my first ever Christmas without my mom and dad. Not everyone gets to boast of 35 Christmases with their parents. I miss them dearly. It’ll be my mom’s birthday in just a couple of weeks as well. I miss chilly mornings in the living room wrapped in a heavy blanket and hearing my mom’s slippers drag on the wood floors as she peeks around the corner just to smile at me. Grieving is a new thing that (cont.)


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