April 10, 2018 STEP – Thailand, Children of Night Light Employees
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Education Education
GoalThe goal of this project is to provide tuition, school supplies and uniforms for 21 children of NightLight employees
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $5,882 per year to pay school fees and improve literacy for children of NightLight employees.
Description​There is a cultural expectation in Thailand that daughters will provide for their parents and siblings. Young women leave their children behind and seek work in the city, often ending up in prostitution. While education is free, the associated costs for school uniforms and supplies is an enormous burden on these single mothers who are also supporting family back in their village. Providing tuition support for the children of employees of NightLight helps prevent the cycles that lead to prostitution and exploitation. The project’s total cost is $17,647 over three years, or $5,882 per year. Funds will enable 18 women to remain at NightLight while their children receive an education.
Suggested Gifts$5,000 will cover yearly school fees for 18 children of women in NightLight’s programs.
Prayer RequestsPray that this project will help bring healing to women coming out of prostitution, and be a tangible assurance of God’s love for them
Managed ByDieselberg, Annie & Jeff