Posted on March 12, 2018 Celebrating 17 Years at the Christian Center for the Development of Persons with Disabilities
Kim’s Comments
Did you know anniversaries don’t just have to be celebrated in decades? The Christian Center for the Development of Persons with Disabilities (CDPD) had a special time of thanksgiving on Feb. 17th, marking the completion of Finland’s support of the CDPD. This partnership over that past 17 years has been key in the CDPD growing and serving so many in northern Thailand. It was a wonderful reunion of supporters, volunteers and friends of the project as well. I hope you enjoy the photos (FYI–you will see “16” rather than “17” as the 17-year period doesn’t end until June).

Praise and prayer

  • And continuing on the theme of celebration-let’s celebrate 6 more graduations for the House of Love (HOL) students! Thank you for praying and supporting our students!
  • And we are also heading into our hot season break, which means that we at the HOL are preparing for our annual camp. We again have a team coming from the USA, and on March 28th-April 4th, our House of Love family will focus on how to have a daily relationship with Jesus. Please be praying for camp preparations and international travels for our friends.
  • And one more prayer need for the HOL: we are looking to welcome 4 boys into our HOL family. We would like to have the paperwork and other things completed by the end of the month, so the 4 boys can join in the annual camp. It is a fun time to get to know one another, and please be praying for the process of having them come to the HOL.
  • We are planning for our next batch of House of Blessing (HOB) children to graduate later this month. I am pleased to say 13 will be finishing their time at the HOB and getting ready to enter Thai public school.
  • Please pray as I complete an annual report for the CDPD and also a 17-year one that covers all of Finland’s support of the CDPD. I know it will be a time of thanksgiving as we count the number of people who have been blessed in different ways by the CDPD-but it is a lot to count! I am grateful to have colleague Marianne Liljestrom here for the process.
  • Thank you for praying for the interviewing process for a new ethnic minority director IMEMF. We are moving ahead with our choice, and I value your prayers in this matter.

Missionary Partnership News

As we think about Easter, different things come to mind.  First and foremost is the sacrifice Christ made for our sins.  Second is the joy of being able to proclaim that we are a child of the King.   Third is the joy we see in our children’s eyes as they participate in Easter festivities.

We could use your help to spread joy to children in the slums of Thailand.  Do you know a Sunday School class, small group or individuals that would like share in helping us reach these children for Christ?  We share God’s love by meeting  physical and spiritual needs at our House of Blessing.  We provide a safe learning environment with 3 years of preschool to integrate these children into Thai primary schools.

If you can help with a one time or recurring donation, select the Thailand – Scholarships for the House of Blessing  project on the IM website.