Posted on September 13, 2021 Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Ecumenical Summer School Program

Celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Ecumenical Summer School Program

Benjamin Chan

September 12, 2021



We celebrate with the Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC) the 15th Anniversary of the Ecumenical Summer School Program this year. The program was started by the Hong Kong Christian Institute (HKCI), and International Ministries (IM) is a sponsor from its beginning. We share the vision to empower seminary and college students to connect Christian faith to the social context of Hong Kong, and to serve as transformational servants of Christ. HKCC was later invited to become the program organizer.

Ms. Suk-Yi Pang, HKCC Assistant Executive Secretary, shares that “this year’s activity schedule incorporates a blend of internship learning, reading, reflection, and discussion. The program’s aim is two-fold: to help participants understand the needs of marginalized groups and rethink the church’s testimony in society on the one hand, and to facilitate a deeper understanding of one another’s differences and a renewed vision of unity on the other. As participants recounted their experience towards the end of program, they put the fruits of this ecumenical journey into words: a broadened horizon of faith, appreciation for the way groups of many differences may experience the truth of faith together, knowing the importance of theological reflection to faithful practitioners, rethinking the task of the church, acquiring an alternative view on tension, becoming more empathetic, etc. Looking beyond the program, many of them shared the hope to act as a bridge, continuing their advocacy work with the marginalized while raising the awareness of their own communities.”

In this year closing ceremony, Dr. Rose Wu, one of the program founders, was invited to share her words of commemoration via video recording in the 15th Anniversary of the program. “A group of alumni is now organizing  a series of events to engage those who wish to continue the program spirit in their current capacities.” Ms. Pang joyfully shared.

We praise God for our partnership with HKCC and HKCI as IM strives to promote incarnational and contextually relevant discipleship and theological education around the world.