Posted on November 1, 2019 Celebrate Progress of North East Christian University (NECU)

Celebrate progress of North East Christian University (NECU)

Benjamin Chan

November 2019

The US-based Friends of North East Christian University (FNECU) was formed in 2016 to promote and develop financial and human resources for NECU. Former ABC President Don Ng has succeeded Jerry Cain to serve as the President from 2019, while my Special Assistant Joseph Huse continues to serve as the Development Director, and I serve as the Treasurer. We have been focusing on the development of the urban campus in Dimapur, Nagaland. We are thankful to God that while FNECU and International Ministries (IM) have provided $267,000, churches in Northeast India have raised $540,000 locally! Another board member Peter Armacost, who has given strong professional and financial support to NECU, helped the board to develop the plan to complete the urban campus and expanded the number of faculty and students. We have set a goal to raise $259,600 by April 2019. Please pray for us and help us.

An IM delegation of six members including Sharon Koh, Paul and Joyce Vick, Charles Jones, Wendy Bernhard and Katie visited the urban campus after they attended the India Baptist Summit in Hyderabad in October. There was a dedication celebration of The Women Students Hostel, which was funded by the American Baptist Women of the Great Rivers Region, and the First Floor of the Anchor Building funded by IM. We are looking for $25,000 to construct the Men Students Hostel early next year, which is part of the $259,600 FNECU we strive to raise.

Sharon Koh, IM Executive Director/ CEO, dedicated the First Floor of the Anchor Building.

Joseph Huse, Ben Chan’s Special Assistant dedicated the Women Students Hostel.