Global Gifts Restoring Eyesight Haiti – Restoring Eyesight to Children and Youth

This project restores eye sight to thousands of children and youth, giving them a second chance in life.

Haiti – Pigs for Kids

This project empowers more than 400 families with an income to educate their children.

Haiti – Micro-Loans for Women

Through micro-loans and training, this project will enable women in Haiti to open small businesses so that they can support their families.

Haiti – Health, Healing and Hope

The Women’s Association of Haiti has broad-based ministries to impoverished communities, taking a holistic approach to improve all areas of life.

Global – Peacemakers Mentoring Project

This project provides intensive workshops to equip dozens of church and community leaders with conflict transformation skills.

Liberia – Education for Ebola-Affected Orphans

This project assist 43 children orphaned by Ebola to go to school from kindergarten to graduation.