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Posted on June 20, 2023 Sustainable Community Impact Initiatives
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What is a Sustainable Community Impact Initiative?
A Sustainable Community Impact Initiative is the utilization of framework in Asset Based Community Development to create consistent resources that both meets a community need and generates ministry resources for the continued growth of the ministry and the reach of the Gospel.  This community identified need is met without the creation of dependency for long-lasting dignity & empowerment of the local people to provide wholeness to their members, neighbors, and others beyond their front door.

Each of these initiatives is unique to the community, ministry, and leader.  No two are alike, therefore a program, step-by-step guide, or map doesn’t exist.  The vision and plan to reach their goal needs to be explored, discussed, and developed alongside and with the team which consists of the community leaders and us.  We aren’t in the driver’s seat, meaning we aren’t in charge and the drive of motivation doesn’t come from us.  The hope of these initiatives, which is just a name for how we do specific ministry within a community, the hope is for these initiatives to be a spark, an inspiration, and a realization for the community that they, in fact, can and are accomplishing God’s visions for their community.  Yes, they receive encouragement and support, they may receive guidance or input from us when they aren’t clear of the next step (e.g. development of a budget, ordering of steps, finding of information, networking with similar existing ideas, and the like), but it is their ambitions, their ideas, their vision, their work, and it belongs to them.  We can’t claim it, because it doesn’t depend on or belong to us.

A few examples of these initiatives are:

Again, each of the initiatives vary in involvement, size, and type.  But ALL are community led and driven.  We get the privilege to witness the growth, journey, and completion of these leader’s dreams.


If you would like to support Sustainable Community Impact Initiatives financially, you can give through our Undesignated Specifics fund.  Memo Line: “Brian & Lynette Smith – Undesignated Specifics”